Blog traveller, welcome !

You are certainly wondering how exactly you got here, asking yourself what is this blog about exactly and maybe, who is the weird girl writing all of this nonsense on a weekly basis.

Well, it’s quite simple.

I am a 21 year old french student (well, I was, I am now a 23-year-really-old-soul) who decided one day to try to question simplistic visions about fashion, one weird post at a time. (I also love salt & vinegar potato chips, and that’s important too.)

I am fond of anomalies in general, but fashion is a field that particularly interests me, because of the complexity of the notion, its numerous paradoxes : between the pure beauty, the business side, the creativity, the luxury aspect, the expression of personal and group identity, the cultural roots… Finally, we only know so few aspects about this field, and I wanted to explore a bit, to find new visions and definitions of fashion by trying to talk about the counter-models developing these last decades.

Ok, I understand it may not be completely reassuring to know that this is my definition of “simplicity“.

But in the end, you came to the right place, I’m sure of that.

And we can talk about Oscar Wilde, cosmic revelations and fashion counter-models together.

Like, you know, normal people.

(I hope you will enjoy your visit, fellow anomaly lover !)


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