Paranoid Coffee or how to kill Trends Supremacy


Let’s try (and fail) to draw the oddness away.

I found myself feeling, well, a bit paranoid today, as I was watching people walking down the street, behind the glass of the café I was sitting into. I was observing the not so weird similitude between everyone’s outfits, and I began to wonder if any of our opinions was not a simple result of the “trends supremacy”.

(Me, paranoid and melodramatic? Never. Ok, I am now seriously wondering what exactly was put into that coffee.)

I think I awkwardly tried to draw this feeling away.

Are we completely determined by trends ? We live with them, we live by them.

In fashion, trends walk in packs and work in circles, popping up, disappearing, and sometimes managing to come back, a few decades later. They are the products of our evolving cultures, yes, but I can’t help but feel anything but active in that process.

Maybe, deep down, I just want to believe, believe in the existence and true power of the underestimated individual creativity. Believe that even though we see ourselves as determined by higher powers, and gladly often follow their leads, we remain free, and that we can choose to do things a bit differently, alone, scared, but finally true to ourselves and to that inner truth we refuse to listen to because it does not fit in the classical pattern we’re in, a pattern that reassure us and smother us gently at the same time.

That’s, I think, what I tried to express, in my weird paranoid haze.

(Well, well, ok. No more coffee for me, that’s well-noted.)


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